Alexandre Lajoie Guérin

Alexandre Lajoie Guérin

Alexandre Lajoie Guérin portrait - Director, Supply Chain & Warehouse

Alexandre Lajoie Guérin


Supply Chain & Warehouse

Alexandre Lajoie Guérin, a Bachelor of Business Administration graduate with a concentration in Operations Management and Logistics from HEC Montréal, has over 8 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

He has held various positions in Supply Chain, Purchasing, Packaging Manufacturing, and Warehouse, making him a versatile professional with a well-rounded skill set. His strengths lie in his agility, adaptability to new situations, resourcefulness, and process orientation. He is always willing to improve business processes and is a fast learner, which has allowed him to excel in his roles and contribute significantly to the companies he has worked for.

In January 2021, Alexandre joined the Biologics Manufacturing Centre in the preliminary stages of the project. He was responsible for building a talented Warehouse and Supply Chain team, which he has accomplished successfully. His dedication and leadership skills have been instrumental in the success of the project thus far, and he continues to play an essential role in its ongoing success.