Pierre Lachambre

Pierre Lachambre

Pierre Lachambre portrait - Director of Information Technology & Automation

Pierre Lachambre

Director of Information Technology & Automation

As a computer scientist by training, Pierre boasts over 30 years of experience across a diverse range of industries, including commodities, agri-food, aerospace, insurance, and pharmaceuticals. His professional journey began as an application developer and evolved through a wide spectrum of roles, from database administrator to business analyst, culminating in his expert embrace of project and program management for over two decades.

Pierre is known for his unwavering commitment to finding solutions, addressing challenges with dedication, creativity, and infectious enthusiasm. He firmly believes in the pursuit of excellence across all domains, and his spirit of collaboration and commitment to teamwork shines through both in his personal and professional life.

Pierre’s vision is to elevate the fields of IT and automation to new levels of maturity. Thanks to his unique blend of perseverance and adaptability, he continues to make a substantial contribution to the success of CPPB.