Biomanufacturing Services

Partnering with BMC: Biomanufacturing-production services

The BMC makes a strong GMP manufacturing partner for cell-based biologics production ranging from vaccines (viral vector, protein subunit, virus-like particles) to diverse therapeutic proteins (antibodies, enzymes); and especially for phase 2 or 3 vaccines and therapeutic candidates maturing in clinical phases up to commercial approval.
Bio-technician in full protection safety gear operating a bioreactor.

Upstream and Downstream Processing

Single Use Systems
Scale: 500L and 2000L
Upstream: Mammalian and Insect Cells
Midstream: Continuous centrifuge, Tangential Flow Filtration, Clarification Cell Homogenizer
Downstream: Chromatography Systems, TFF systems, Nanofiltration
Buffer Services

Filling and Secondary Packaging

Drug Product manufacturing capability and capacity for formulation, automatic fill (isolator technology), labelling and packaging of biotherapeutics and vaccines in single dose/multi-dose liquid injectable format for late-phase projects and commercial manufacturing.
Sophiticated biotherapeutics and vaccines packaging machinery for singe and multi-dose injectable formats.

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